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Twistzz points toward problems at FaZe: Our communication has been lacking since the player break

FaZe still experiences difficulties despite sitting safely on the CS:GO throne, Twistzz explains in an interview.

FaZe will not be reclaiming their title from ESL Pro League Season 15. That became a reality yesterday evening when the world leaders were handed a 2-1 loss against Cloud9 in the quarterfinals at Pro League.

The defeat came after a shaky performance versus Complexity, where karrigan and company displayed a likewise mediocre performance compared with their usual top level of CS. The reason for that may be found in their communication, or perhaps the lack thereof.

- In general, I think our communication has been lacking since the player break, Russel “Twistzz” Van Dulken said to ESL in a post-match interview yesterday and continued:

- It just happens to be that way, and it’s something we are trying to fix. It’s always the hard part about an international team that our communication not always will be at 100%. As a native speaker I’m trying to do the most I can, but I understand it’s very hard for them to communicate the things I would expect.

Question: How is it affecting your motivation going forward now that you have one less opportunity to win a second Intel Grand Slam?

- It’s still the same motivation. I always try my hardest, no matter what. I rather lose to a very strong team today than lose to ourselves in a final for instance, where it will hurt a lot more. And I think just to give everything for the RMR, make sure we qualify with a good position, and then win the Major, Twistzz said to ESL.

You can watch the entire interview down below.

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