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Today at PGL Major Antwerp - Tuesday 10/5 - 2022

Will Liquid manage to stay alive at the Major?

After a hectic opening day at PGL Major Antwerp with the Challengers Stage presenting no more than 16 Bo1 series, it's time to take a look at today's schedule. This Tuesday will feature the two first progression matches, where Vitality and forZe are set to fight for the first legend stage spot.

On the other side of things, Liquid is in great danger in the lower table after losing their first two matches against G2 and Imperial. And if the North American superstars lose today against 9z, it means a quick and quite surprising exit for EliGE and company. Down below, you'll find today's schedule.

Day 2 schedule | PGL Major Antwerp

12.00: Spirit – Eternal Fire (Bo1)

12.00: Bad News Eagles – Imperial (Bo1)

13.15: Astralis – MIBR (Bo1)

13.15: Complexity – Outsiders (Bo1)

14.30: Vitality – forZe (Bo3)

14.30: Renegades – IHC (Bo3)

18.15: ENCE – G2 (Bo3)

18.15: Liquid – 9z (Bo3)

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