Team Liquid wins their first match at EPL S17

A clear 2-0 victory was on the schedule for Liquid against ATK.

Liquid secured themselves their first victory at the ESL Pro League Season 17. The North American roster took an important win over their rivals from ATK. The first map of the series was a close encounter between the two North American teams as Liquid managed to take nine rounds on the CT side of Mirage. Switching sides, Liquid was quick to gain a 12-6 lead after winning the second pistol round of the map. Despite ATK winning six out of seven rounds in a row to make things a bit more close, Liquid won three straight rounds to close out map one 16-12. With oSee playing well, ATK found it hard to play around mid as the Liquid AWPer was hitting all his shots. oSee dropped a 1.56 rating on Mirage.

Overpass was up next. Winning the first three rounds of the map was ATK as they managed to secure the first pistol round and covert the following. Despite the lead ATK had gained, Liquid was simply too strong on their own map pick. A great start for ATK turned into a good T side for Liquid who won nine out of 12 rounds to win the half 9-6. On the CT side, Liquid dominated their American rivals. With all five players of Liquid playing well, the scoreline of the second half was 7-1 in favor of Liquid. EliGE and co. won the map 16-7 and the series to secure their first win at the event.

Liquid - ATK 2-0 | ESL Pro League Season 17 Group D

MVP: Josh 'oSee' Ohm - 1.46 rating / 45-26 K-D / 86.2 ADR

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