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Team Liquid is the first team to qualify for the finals

The North American team took down OG in the Semi-finals.

Team Liquid took on OG in the first Semi-final game at the BLAST World Finals.

The series started out on Overpass as Team Liquid was the team to pick the map. Starting out on the CT side OG found early success. The mixed European team led 7-2 after the first 9 rounds. With excellent team play and NEOFRAG on fire, OG took the half 11-4. Switching over to the CT side gave Team Liquid confidence as they took the first five rounds of the second half. OG answered back and took the map victory 16-12.

Next up was Inferno, a map that both teams have had a high win rate on throughout the past three months. Liquid took the first pistol as well as the following round. In the buy rounds, OG was the leading team. Liquid came back strong and ended the first half with a 9-6 lead. On the T side Team Liquid saw themselves taking the right decisions, YEKINDAR was the key player as he managed to open up B site round after round. With YEKINDAR playing well and nitr0 calling great, Team Liquid was the team to win 16-10 on OG´s map pick.

The decider came out on Anubis. A map that both teams have played during this tournament, despite the lack of playtime on the map for OG and Team Liquid the North American team was in front after the first half 11-4 on the CT side. OG took the second pistol and the following two rounds to close the gap to 11-7. Despite the fact that Team Liquid did well in the buy rounds. Team Liquid won the map 16-17 and the series 2-1.

OG – Team Liquid 1-2 | BLAST Premier World Finals

16-12 (Overpass) | NEOFRAG – 1.29 Rating / 22-22 K-D / 105.4 ADR

10-16 (Inferno) | YEKINDAR – 1.47 Rating / 23-18 K-D / 101.6 ADR

7-16 (Anubis) | NAF – 1.63 Rating / 24-10 K-D / 105.0 ADR

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