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The story of leaf: From death threats to superstar status

The story of the North American prodigy "leaf" and his journey from CS:GO to Valorant

Nathan "leaf" Orf, a star that currently belongs to Valorant but made his name known throughout a crazy journey in the professional Counter-Strike scene. At the young age of only 15 "leaf" began his journey in becoming one of the hottest names in Counter-Strike. After various stays at smaller teams, almost always outperforming his teammates, the organization called Chaos picked him up - and he didn't disappoint.

After helping his team win crazy upsets against the likes of MIBR his name quickly become known to the Counter-Strike community. However not always in a positive way. "leaf" was an aggressive player with extremely impressive individual capabilities which caused many of the opposing teams' fans to accuse him of cheating. The accusations and threats that "leaf" received were fortunately fought against by many pros and experts of the Counter-Strike scene, making sure that "leaf" wouldn't have to stand alone in the battle.

Despite the threats "leaf" didn't succumb to the pressure of the many fans accusing him of cheating and he made sure to keep annihilating his opponents. Unfortunately, the young North American prodigy had to put his Counter-Strike career on hold after the global pandemic forced Chaos to retire from Counter-Strike. Without a team to compete with "leaf" made the transition to Valorant where he now plays for Cloud9's Valorant roster.

To learn more about the crazy journey from being a young talented player to becoming an accused cheater, fighting back, and ultimately earning superstar status, you can watch the following video about the story of Nathan "leaf" Orf:

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