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Snappi takes a shot at BLAST prior to BLAST Showdown

Does the ENCE captain have a point here?

Discussions about closed circuits in professional CS:GO have been a common thing ever since the two big tournament organizers ESL and BLAST Premier rolled out their so-called “partner team” structure.

One who’s been particularly vocal about this is ENCE’s in-game leader Marco “Snappi” Pfeiffer.

In a recent tweet, the 32-year-old veteran reacts to the news that Evil Geniuses, a BLAST partner team, is set to field their academy at the upcoming BLAST Showdown, while ENCE not even got the chance to qualify due to the scheduling.

ATK coach, Daniel Kogan chimes in stating “We [ATK] had to give up 3 tournaments/qualifiers. Fun stuff not being a partnered team”, in the comment section.

“Almost impossible to get in”

It’s not the first time Snappi has criticized BLAST for their way to run things. Last year he said the following to in an interview.

- I’m sad about the way BLAST is running the league - like how the model is so advantageous for the partner teams so it’s almost impossible to get in unless you are a partner team.

This sarcastic Tweet is also a great example, where he sheds a light on the extremely difficult road to qualify for one of their prominent events.

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