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shox: We are fighting everyday to get back on track

Richard “shox” Papillon spoke with the desk at ESL Pro League after the victory over mousesports.

Vitality defeated mousesports 2-0 after pulling off a comeback from an 8-14 deficit on Dust2. The Frenchmen now share the group lead with three other teams as they all sit on a 2-1 record with two rounds left to be played at the prominent event.

[link:{"url":"https://pley.gg/news/vitality-beat-mouz-2-0-esl-pro-league/","text":"Read more: Vitality beat mouz 2-0 in ESL Pro League"}]

In the post-match interview, shox spoke about Vitality’s rough start to the year and how they are struggling compared to the best version of themselves.

When shox was asked whether Vitality are back on an upward trajectory after a series of mixed results, he answered: “Before this group stage, we had two weeks of practice and it was the best practice we’ve had in three or four months. We were really hyped to come into the group stage and we were kind of confident, but you can see that when we are playing officials that there is still a difference between practice and officials. This is the next step.

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