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shox: We are not a 5+1 roster

For two days in a row, Vitality has changed its roster during games.

There have been multiple teams in the past having a six man roster on the team. But on Team Vitality it seems like the traditional way of thinking of a sixth player is thrown away. Against Complexity and BIG, the Frenchmen have changed roster between maps. Their new player Nivera has been featured twice on dust2.

- We are six players. We are not 5+1, but we are six. So depending on the map, and depending on what is the best for the team, we will change the roster, Richard "shox" Papillion told the Blast Premier Fall desk after their 2-0 victory against BIG.

- When it is going to be your time (to be replaced) you definitely want to shine like misutaaa did tonight on Overpass, the french riffler said with reference to Kévin "misutaaa" Rabier, who was top fragger on Team Vitality on Overpass.

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