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rain after smashing OG: We have a lot of redemption to do after IEM Rio Major

The redemption train has arrived in Copenhagen!

FaZe is off to a perfect start at BLAST Premier Fall Final in Copenhagen,Denmark. In the first match of the tournament, Finn “karrigan” Andersen and company met the youngsters from OG – which quickly ended up in a true massacre with OG on the losing side of things.

We caught FaZe’s hard-hitting rifler Håvard “rain” Nygaard for a post-match interview, where he spoke about FaZe seeking redemption from the Major, their great performance on Ancient and more.

On today’s dominant victory, rain said the following.

- It was a good matchup. We kind of expected the map veto … We have a lot of redemption to do after Rio so we are coming here with a lot of fire. It’s really important [to get this strong start to the event], especially after what happened in the last tournament. And getting this great start will also help us further in the tournament.

You can watch the entire interview with rain down below.

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