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Pley of the Day: FalleN with a lovely collateral on Dust2

Watch how Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo uses flashes to create space for himself as he makes collateral on Dust2.

Are you finding it hard to defend long when the T´s are putting the CT smokes? Watch how Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo uses his utility to create space so that he can just peek while the enemy team is full-blind pushing long. The old Brazilian legends give team members an insight into how you can take down the terrorist as they make their way up long.

Check out the Pley of the Day here:

The 31-year-old AWP´er FalleN is currently playing under the Imperial banner and recently qualified for the RMR Americas qualifier. Their next match is against Isurus in the RMR as they are trying to reach the IEM Road to Rio 2022.

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