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Pimp: This Hooxi fragging situation isn’t sustainable for G2

Do you have to bring more kills to the table if you're an IGL for a team like G2?

Rasmus “HooXi” Nielsen has only been in charge of G2 for 25 days after getting acquired together with Justin “jks” Savage back in mid-August. His first period with the team has been quite dramatic with the Danish IGL having received a lot of criticism for his individual level on the server, only averaging a 0.75 rating.

Jacob “Pimp” Winneche, CS:GO analyst and expert, has also touched on the matter saying that it’s “not sustainable mid or long term”.

- I’m gonna say it like it is: This Hooxi fragging situation ain’t sustainable mid or long term. I have no doubts he’s adding a lot of value elsewhere, but it ain’t 2013. G2 ain’t NIP, ain’t head and shoulders above their competition. Hooxi can turn it around, he has to, Pimp wrote on Twitter where he continued talking about G2’s other signing.

- jks is more or less delivering what I’d expect from him. He’ll only grow into it, expecting him to be a difference maker after such a long break was never realistic. As always G2 remains the most interesting team to follow in CSGO. Not always for the positive, but I’ll take it!

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