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Outsiders in superb comeback against Heroic

Jame and company were down 11-6 but managed to turn the match around.

Heroic and Outsiders were some of the last teams on the server Wednesday evening for their rendezvous in the EU RMR Group B.

Both teams were victorious in their opening rounds, which led the way for the matchup. A 9-6 lead was expanded to 11-6 in the second half for Heroic before Outsiders answered back. It took them a tech pause to find their feet again, but from here on Outsiders took charge.

Outsiders are now 2-0 up in Group B, while Heroic can begin to feel a bit of pressure. Both teams are back in action tomorrow.

Heroic – Outsiders 12-16 | IEM Road to Rio EU RMR (Group B)

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