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Jame gained +25K subscribers in 24 hours after promoting his YouTube channel on-air at IEM Rio

Always plug. That must be the biggest takeaway from this article.

One individual who masters the ability of selling and promoting himself is Dzami “Jame” Ali.

Right after winning the title at IEM Rio Major, meaning literally right after, the Outsiders captain was interviewed by Eefje “Sjokz” Depoortere from ESL where Jame quickly saw his chance and decided to promote his YouTube channel with the quote: 'I will tell more on my YouTube channel'.

And if you take a look at his channel, which he, of course, has called “Jame Time”, the method has worked out to perfection as he has gained more than 25.000 new subscribers - going from 72k to 97k subscribers in just 24 hours.

"Jame Time" subscribers and views before and after the famous plug.

Saturday 12th November – (one day before IEM Rio Grand Final):

-72.200 subs

-24.000 daily views

Monday 14th November – (one day after IEM Rio Grand Final):

-97.300 subs

-182.000 daily views

Numbers and stats from

We conclude this article with the words of Jame himself.

"Go watch my YouTube channel"

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