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Jame gives advice to become a better in-game leader

Jame took Outsiders and co. to their first-ever major victory at IEM Rio Major.

The IGL role is one of the most wanted roles in CSGO. There is always been a big deficit of IGLs and especially the good ones. Those who understand to play the role can play up to 35 years old because of the big knowledge they have about the game. The pros who recently retired could still have been playing if they were IGLs.

James talks about the four parts you need to have to become a good IGL. Moral, Leadership, Macro game sense, and micro game sense. These are the four main parts you need to focus on in order to become a leader on your team, a leader who understands the way of stress tolerance as well as clock management. As an IGL you need to be able to take cold-blooded and clam dissensions in order to break the enemies team's economy.

Check out the full video with Jame right here:

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