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Jame wants to “ruin” the misconceptions and stereotypes about him

A clear language barrier and a cultural difference seem to have caused a false understanding of the Outsiders AWPer. Hear his own thoughs in this article.

“Jame Time”

Arguably one of the most famous memes in Counter-Strike, telling the story of how a certain CS:GO player learned to master the art of always saving his guns in the game – to such a degree that it became his most known attribute.

We are of course talking about Dzhami "Jame" Ali from Outsiders.

Jame is CS:GO Major winner, a powerful AWPer, an IGL on his team, and yeah; the man behind the “Jame Time”. Besides that, it can be tough to pinpoint more about the long-haired Russian from the outside perspective.

Before the start of BLAST World Final, we got the chance to speak with Jame for an interview in two parts, where he in this article opens up about wanting to change the perception of him, but also on the criticism of his and Outsiders playstyle.

Pley: Do you sometimes feel that there's a misconception of you from the CS:GO community due to the language barrier and all that?

Jame: Yeah, I feel that. That’s how it works, that’s life.

Is that something you think about or do you not care about that?

- Yeah, I think about that. I think that when I will not have to adapt to new maps [Anubius] and introduce new players to the team, then I will be able to learn English and ruin the stereotypes or misconceptions of me, but for now, it's not possible.

There are also many opinions and also criticism on you and Outsiders’ playstyle about it being too slow and boring. What is your answer to that?

- I have answered this question many, many times and I think they might be right. Because I'm not on the outside of the screen. I'm not watching the game; I'm playing the game. So maybe it is what it is and I'm sorry if someone doesn't like it.

Do you think with you winning this major that you have silenced the doubters?

- Yes, I think I did it somehow because that is how it works. All I can do is prove myself and my team with the results. So yeah. When it comes to the game itself, the only thing that matters is winning and the results. By winning, you prove that you're right and you receive money, trophies, etcetera.

Are you happy that you have been given this opportunity to play CS:GO for a living?

- Yes, I'm quite happy for me because I think it’s a really great life. But it's really great when you, just make yourself comfortable living this life - I mean, all the flights, all the media days, all the games, all the training - if you set yourself on this path, this kind of life is just pure enjoyment.

- Having no stress in the game and having no stress in life, is all I need.

What is your dream in CS:GO? 

- It's quite simple for me because I've never set a goal for myself and I'm just trying to be a good player as long as I can before I quit.

Part two coming up

We will publish the second part of our interview with Jame next week. Here the Outsiders IGL talks about his new, powerful and extremely promising weapon Pyotr "fame" Bolyshev and how it actually had a great impact on the team losing YEKINDAR.

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