OG ready for Semi-Finals at World Finals

The EU roster took another scalp by winning 2-0 against Vitality

The two winners from yesterday’s opening round in Group B faced each other in the last match of Day 2 at BLAST World Finals in Abu Dhabi. OG came to match with a win against the current no. 1 team in the world in Heroic, while Vitality had taken down NAVI.

Inferno was picked by OG as the first map, but for a long time it looked like Vitality was running away with it. At 14-9 the French/Danish/Israeli roster was well in control, but OG and especially Adam 'NEOFRAG' Zouhar turned the match around with a spectacular ending to the map. OG won Inferno 16-14.

OG carried their momentum on to Mirage. An early 7-1 OG lead told the story of a shaky Vitality team. Despite ZywOo and dupreeh stepping up their game, Vitality trailed the entire map and could not prevent OG from winning the match.

OG is now through to the Semi-Finals of the event, while Vitality will need to defeat NAVI tomorrow to advance.

Team Vitality – OG 0-2 | BLAST Premier World Finals

14-16 (Inferno)  NEOFRAG – 1.29 Rating / 21-22 K-D / 87.8 ADR

9-16 (Mirage) |  degster – 1.50 Rating / 24-13 K-D / 88.5 ADR


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