Credit: ESL - Heroic

No mercy from Danish Heroes

9z was not given any chances to make another upset at BLAST Showdown.

There was simply a class or two difference between Heroic and 9z in today's first match at BLAST Premier Spring Showdown from the start until the end.

It started on Mirage, where Ismail "refrezh" Ali started the match with a beautiful 1vs3 clutch, where he managed to kill two opponents, switch weapon, kill another opponent, pick up defuse kit, and in the nick of time defused the bomb.

It ended in the same spectacular fashion. Heroic put the icing on the top with a clever play to fool 9z to believe, that the bomb was planted on A-site. While 9z tried to uncover, what had happened, the time ticked away leaving no chance for the South Americans to reach the bomb.

Mirage (16-8) Heroic| refrezh 1.51 rating / 23-11 K-D / 97.9 ADR

Inferno was the second map. The same place 9z had shocked the Counter-Strike world with a 16-12 win against Team Vitality a couple of days ago. Today the South Americans put up a fight again. An 8-7 lead for Heroic at the break set the tone for a close second half. At 12-12, the victory was within grasp, but then it seemed like the nerves played in. Two times in a row 9z was too late with their push against one of the bombsites, which ended up costing them both of the rounds and breaking their economy. Heroic ended up winning 16-12 and is now ready for the Semi-Finals at BLAST Premier Spring Showdown, where a possible rematch against Gambit is waiting.

Inferno (16-12) Heroic | sjuush 1.45 rating / 29-16 K-D / 79.9 ADR

Heroic - 9z (2-0)

MVP: Rasmus 'sjuush' Beck 1.42 rating / 52-31 K-D / 87.3 ADR

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