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NiKo stars as G2 overpower NAVI

Leading the charge for G2 was none other than Nikola “NiKo” Kovac.

G2 recently secured a victory over NAVI at the BLAST Premier Spring Groups 2023 in Denmark. The star player for G2 in this match was Nikola “NiKo” Kovac, who put on an exceptional performance to help his team remain undefeated.

In the two-map series, G2 won 16-10 on Nuke and 22-18 on Inferno. The Bosnian star was a driving force behind G2’s victory, finishing off the series with a 62-40 K/D, 107.7 ADR, and a 1.59 Rating.

His performance on Nuke was particularly impressive, as he led the scoreboard with 32 kills, 130.0 ADR, and a 1.96 Rating. On Inferno, he also finished as the best performer on the server, leading in kills (30) and ADR (93.2).

The victory over NAVI was a significant one for G2, as it solidified their position in the Group Final of Group C, and secured them a ticket for the Spring Final.

You can watch highlights from the match right here:

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