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NiKo: Justin (jks) won us the game

IEM Katowice has been a walk in the park for the 27-year-old Aussie.

G2 took down FaZe Clan to secure themselves a spot in the playoffs at Spodek arena. A well-fought fight gave G2 the upper hand in their match-up against their rivals in FaZe. With Justin "jks" Savage playing lights out FaZe stood no chance as they got dominated by G2 2-0.

After their victory against FaZe NiKo had high praise toward jks.

- Justin just won us the game with a couple of clutches and the multi-kills that he had. It was a good game, we didn't expect them to play that slow, they played a good game but Justin saved us in the end.

Watch the full clip with NiKo right here:

jks among highest performing players at IEM Katowice:

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