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NAF reveals a desire to play in Europe: Hopefully I get the chance

NA Counter-Strike fans, look away now.

When you think of Keith “NAF” Markovic you think of North American Counter-Strike. With a longer stint on first OpTic Gaming and subsequently the NA flagship of Team Liquid, NAF has been one of the most influential and successful players in the region throughout history.

But as so often said; All good things must come to an end.

Because in a recent interview on the ‘The Mauisnake Show’ hosted by Alex “Mauisnake” Ellenberg, NAF reveals that he’s hoping to get the chance to play and live over the Atlantic in the future.

- I actually think about it from time to time, the rifler said when Mauisnake brought up the topic. At one point in my career, I hope to play on a full five-man European lineup in Europe. You can see the inspiration with Twistzz and what he's done on FaZe, he's done a phenomenal job and I spend a lot of time talking with him… I hope one day I get to play on a top European team.

- We have spent so much time playing in Europe that I’m already accustomed to it – honestly, I don’t care, I could live anywhere in the world. Just give me a mouse and keyboard and I will play… who knows maybe one day there’s a European team in store for me and hopefully, I get a chance, NAF stated.

"Waste of time"

NAF points towards numerous disadvantages of playing in North America when speaking with Mauisnake. Most problematic is the constant flying between Europe and home but also the practice level in the otherwise massive region.

- I get to live in Europe and play Counter-Strike full-time, whereas the thing that has bothered and annoyed me with playing in North America is how we have to fly back and forth.

- I get to fly home, adjust to jetlag, handle any personal things I need to handle and then try to find scrims in North America – but then again, the players in NA aren’t even playing the same way as the European players and don’t have the same understanding. Me practicing in NA is essentially just a waste of time, NAF honestly explained.

You can watch the entire episode with NAF down below.

NAF is currently tied to Team Liquid through 2024.

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