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Movistar Riders' mopoz leads the way in opening kills

See who was the most effective entry-killer of IEM Cologne.

With the group stage of IEM Cologne done and dusted, we have taken a look at some of the most interesting stats. In the current CT meta, where only three teams managed to win 50% or more T rounds (MOUZ, Astralis, and NAVI), the entry-killers of CS:GO are definitely worth monitoring.

Among the best in the group stage was the cornerstone of Movistar Riders, Alejandro Fernández-Quejo “mopoz” Cano. The longest-standing member of the Spanish Organization made 0.21 opening kills in each round with an impressive 60.3% success in opening duels. The Spaniard made a total of 41 opening kills during the eight maps, that he played. And while the sample size may be small, it is worth noticing, that the three opponents, that mopoz went up against were G2, Team Vitality, and NAVI. Not bad at all! You can see an interview that we made with the 25-year-old player in the video below after Movistar Riders had qualified for the main event at IEM Cologne.

You can see the list of the best opening killers below from the group stage of IEM Cologne:

Total opening kills:

1. Patsi - 46 (47.9% success in opening kills)

2. arT - 43 (50% success in opening kills)

3. ZywOo - 42 (68.9% success in opening kills)

4. mopoz - 41 (60.3% success in opening kills)

5. YEKINDAR - 40 (42.6 success in opening kills)

Opening kills pr. round:

1. mopoz - 0.21

2. Patsi - 0.20

3. ZywOo - 0.19

4. k0nfig - 0.18

5. rain 0.17

Success in opening duels:

1. sh1ro - 69.2%

2. ZywOo - 68.9%

3. es3tag - 66.7%

4. k0nfig - 64.4%

5. huNter- 62.9%

Movistar Riders will play Team Liquid in the quarter-final at the event on Friday.

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