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Few surprises at first day of open qualifiers to RMR

Movistar Riders and TeamOne fell short on day one.

The first day of the online qualifiers for the RMR tournaments for IEM Rio was a day filled with a bit of chaos and technical difficulties. The huge number of concurrent matches was a bit too much for ESEA's servers, who had some issues during the early hours of play.

But on the servers, it was all sunshine for most of the top teams. Astralis, Copenhagen Flames, OG, MOUZ, Entropiq, and Sprout are all through to the Round of 32. One of the few casualties of the day was the Spaniards from Movistar Riders, who lost 16-9 to the Romanian roster from Infinite.

The matches will continue tonight at 18.00 (CET).

In North America, we saw TeamOne fluke out in the Round of 16 against Kari, while Complexity made it through without breaking a sweat.

You can follow the qualifiers here.

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