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Why Movistar Riders dominated ESL Challenger 2022

The Spaniards were almost unbeatable at the ESL Challenger 2022 event

I'll bet that you couldn't mention five Spanish top-tier CS:GO players, at least not until Movistar Riders entered the professional CS:GO scene for good. Peaking at #12 in the world earlier this year, Movistar Riders have become a name that no opponent should brush over without preparing for a tough and longstanding fight.

The Spaniards proved themselves once again at the just-finished ESL Challenger 2022 event on home-turf in Valencia, Spain. The boys of Movistar Riders managed to make it all the way to the Grand Final without dropping a single map on the way there. Despite losing a single map in the Grand Finals to Outsiders, it was the Spaniards who were able to lift the trophy in the end.

But how come Movistar Riders seemed almost untouchable at the ESL Challenger event? Well if you look at the numbers there is an obvious explanation. Not one, not two, but three of Movistar Riders' players managed to make it into the top five highest-rated players at the event.

The star of the Spanish show, "SunPayus" managed an impressive 71.0% percent success in opening duels alongside being the most dangerous AWP'er at the entire event with 0.43 AWP kills per round.

The talented AWP'er, however, didn't stand alone. With "alex" giving a masterclass in how to remain consistent throughout all matches at a scarily high level, as well as "mopoz" securing the highest impact rating at the event of 1.41, it is no surprise that Movistar Riders ended up taking home the trophy in Valencia, Spain.

If you missed the Grand Final between Movistar Riders and Outsiders you can watch the highlights from all three maps down below:

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