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Credit: Stephanie Lindgren - ESL

Heroic is off to a great start at ESL Pro League

Movistar riders stood no chance against the Danes.

Heroic took upon Movistar Riders in the ESL Pro League Season 17 Group B.

There was no doubt that the Danes were the clear favorites going into the matchup. Starting the series on Ancient, Heroic came out dominating the Spanish team. From the very start, Heroic established an impressive lead, the Danes went into the half with a 12-3 lead on the favored CT side. On the T side, the Danes were fast to close out the game as they only needed four rounds to take the win on Ancient 16-6.

Next up, Overpass. Similar to the first map Heroic came out pressing the speeder. The Danes won the first round and the following two. Just like in the first map, Heroic gained themselves a stunning 14-1 lead in the first half. With a 14-1 scoreline in favor of Heroic on the T side, Movistar Riders had to climb a huge wall in order to take the game to a third and deciding map. Despite winning 5 rounds in a row on the CT, Heroic closed out the game win Overpass 16-6.

Heroic - Movistar Riders 2-0 | ESL Pro League Season 17

Ancient: TeSeS - 1.61 rating / 22-12 K-D / 104.2 ADR

Overpass: stavn - 1.86 rating / 23-10 K-D / 112.0 ADR

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