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Movistar Riders set up Grand Final against Outsiders

Sprout could not challenge on-fire Riders!

Movistar Riders and Sprout took to the server to decide who would face the Outsiders in the Grad Final of ESL Challenger Valencia 2022. It only took two maps for the home crowd favorites to take dake down the opposition and secure their Grand-Finals spot.

The rumble started on Sprout's best map of Inferno, a map that they have a 91% winrate on over the last three months, but that did not seem to scare the Movistar Riders. The top performers of 'alex', 'mopoz', and 'SunPayus' all had great performances in what was a straight-up stomp of Sprout. After winning only one round on the offense, 'raalz' and co. picked up a few after the break to strengthen their confidence before going into the second map.

Sprout enjoyed the CT start on the second map of Nuke where they did considerably better than the previous. Led by a flourishing 'lauNX', Sprout took nine rounds on the defense while also denying any back-to-back rounds for the Spaniards.
The Riders enjoyed themselves as they turned to the CT side. The Iberians put up an iron wall on the defense where they only lost two rounds and concede zero bomb plants.

The Movistar Riders are now primed for the Grand Final against the Outsiders later this evening.

Movistar Riders - Sprout 2-0 | ESL Challenger Valencia 2022

16-5 (Inferno) | SunPayus - 1.53 Rating / 17-9 K-D / 97.0 ADR

16-11 (Nuke) | SunPayus - 1.36 Rating / 22-15 K-D / 83.4 ADR

MVP: Alvaro 'SunPayus' Garcia - 1.42 Rating / 39-24 K-D / 89.3 ADR

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