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alex: We have to keep working

We talked with "alex" from Movistar Riders after their defeat to Natus Vincere

8 wins in a row are impressive in itself, but when you win 8 series in a row against some of the best teams in the entire world and your team is Movistar Riders it is something extraordinary. The Spaniards have been on a roll recently but were put to a stop when facing what is probably the best team in the world right now in Natus Vincere.

We spoke with Movistar Riders player "alex" after they had to swallow the bitter pill of defeat against "s1mple" and his troops of NaVi. Whilst a loss is, of course, never easy to take on the chin, especially if you are on a roll, the Spanish Movistar Riders player expressed that it could act as a reminder that they need to continue their hard work going into the playoff stage of the event:

"We have to keep working, even if the player break is soon for us. We are going to play the quarter-finals in the next week and we have to fix some mistakes. If we want to play the semi-finals, we should fix some mistakes."

To hear more about Movistar Riders' incredible form and how "alex" sees the rest of the event play out for the Spanish Riders, you can watch the exclusive interview down below:

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