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Movistar Riders continue Group C domination

The giants of Germany were not able to overcome the Riders

The first match of the day at EPL saw the flying 3-0 Movistar Riders take on the struggling 1-2 BIG. Sitting at the number four spot in Group C prior to the match, BIG desperately needed to win this win to keep their playoff dreams alive. But they would have to get through the flourishing Movistar Riders who had already taken down everyone who stood in their way, including big names such as Team Liquid and Players (Gambit).

The Movistar Riders chose to play Nuke as the first map, and they got off to a great 3-0 start on the T-side. The rest of the half was a bit of a disappointment for the Spanish squad, as they created a flurry of excellent situations for themselves but were unable to capitalize on a large number of them, giving BIG a halftime lead of 9-6.
The Germans extended their lead by winning three rounds straight out of the break but were heavily punished by “SunPayus”, who had a massive impact in the second half, as soon as he could purchase the AWP. This led the Spanish squad to map point, but BIG were able to take round 30 cleanly and send the match into overtime.
The close affair continued after regulation as the three overtimes were needed before the Riders were finally able to close it down and take their map pick at 25-23.

The action continued on Vertigo, BIG’s map pick, where the Riders got off to an extremely hot start on the CT-side, putting BIG completely on the backfoot. “dav1g”, in particular, was popping off, swatting the Germans away like flies. BIG surprisingly were able to bring it all the way back and went to the break with a tiny round deficit at 8-7.
The second half continued in the same close fashion as the first. BIG looked very good in situations, but the majority of rounds fell in favor of the Spanish squad who were just a couple of steps ahead.
The Movistar Riders stole away BIG’s map pick at 16-11, and are now 4-0 while the Germans take another loss and are now 1-3.

BIG – Movistar Riders 0-2 | ESL Pro League Season 15 (Group C)

23-25 (Nuke) | SunPayus – 1.49 Rating / 46-29 K-D / 94.0 ADR

11-16 (Vertigo) | alex – 1.50 Rating / 24-15 K-D / 97.9 ADR

MVP: Alvaro "SunPayus" Garcia – 1.42 Rating / 64-41 K-D / 88.7 ADR

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