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MOUZ send FaZe to last chance stage at RMR

A tough day for the Intel Grand Slam winners who fell short against MOUZ in the 2-2 battle.

The fourth day of the Paris Major RMR Europe A brought some intense matches and unexpected results. FaZe faced off against MOUZ in a critical match that would determine their future in the tournament. Unfortunately for FaZe, MOUZ managed to clinch a three-map victory, sending FaZe to the last chance stage where they will have to fight for their major hopes.

Meanwhile, OG faced off against Falcons in a high-stakes match. OG put up a solid performance and emerged victorious, securing themselves a spot in the major. Apeks also had a memorable day, taking down B8 and securing a spot in their first-ever major.

The qualified teams so far are Natus Vincere, GamerLegion, Bad News Eagles, OG, fnatic, Into the Breach, and MOUZ. However, three teams will still have to fight for their spot in the major as the last chance stage approaches.

The Europe RMR B will kick off on Tuesday at 10:00 (CEST). With the tournament heating up, fans can expect more intense matches and thrilling moments as the teams battle it out for their shot at glory. The Paris Major is scheduled to take place from May 8-21, and it promises to be an exciting event for esports fans around the world.

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