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Credit: Jak Howard Blast

misutaaa on fire in the first map!

Vitality’s 17-year-old went on a rampage on Vertigo in the first map of the Grand Final against Astralis.

Vitality and misutaaa came prepared and bulldozed through Astralis on the first map of the series in the grand final. 

The 17-year-old impressed on the server and completely dominated his opponents which resulted in him getting the best start to the grand final by finishing on top of the overall scoreboard, performing a rating of 2.12, 127.0 ADR, and an insane 26-7 score against such a good team. 

His performance was praised on Twitter: 

Even though misutaaa just played his best game of Counter-Strike in his carrier, he gets substituted in the second map and Nivera will play instead of him. 

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