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misutaaa: I bet that everybody is hungry

We spoke with "misutaaa" just after their victory against ENCE

The tale of the Vitality roster ever since they went international and picked up three important pieces from the previous Astralis roster has been a sad one. With everyone expecting incredible results almost from the beginning of the new-look roster it has been difficult for Vitality to find their groove on the server. This might be about to change as they managed to take down the in-form ENCE roster in their first Bo3-series of IEM Cologne 2022.

The victory against ENCE means that Vitality will get the chance to get revenge against a Movistar Riders roster that beat them in the Play-In event. If Vitality managed to move past Movistar Riders this time around, they will be looking at a secure spot in the playoffs of IEM Cologne 2022. When asked about the prospect of Vitality in the playoffs, "misutaaa" said the following:

"I bet that everybody is hungry for this spot in the playoffs. Of course we want to be there and we will make sure that the revenge will be there."

To hear the rest of our conversation with a confident "misutaaa" after their victory against ENCE, you can watch the exclusive interview down below:

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