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Maden Leads ENCE past Heroic

The Montenegrian had the series of his life!

The favorites of Heroic are out of contention at BLAST after being taken down by ENCE in an intense three-mapper.

The series started on ENCE’s pick of Ancient, a map that has brought them six victories in a row. This did not seem like a problem for Heroic who quickly picked up a 4-0 lead on the CT-side. ENCE did not panic even after the bad start, and with some decisive calls actually recovered fantastically and was in the lead by 8-7 at halftime.
If Heroic thought the first half loss on CT-side was tough, it is because they did not know what fury was going to be cast upon them in the second. The Danes created some opportunities towards the end of the half, but “Snappi”s squad simply outclassed them.

ENCE led by “Maden” continued the great play on the second map of Overpass where they got themselves a comfortable 6-1 CT-side lead. The Danes luckily managed to get a few rounds under the belt before switching sides but were still behind by quite a few rounds. 10-5 at the half.
After a somewhat disappointing first half for the Heroic squad, they came out of the break looking completely refreshed and the team was finally clicking. With this newfound momentum, the Danes won nine rounds in a row before having their streak broken. After winning that first round, ENCE put on a couple more, but in the end, it was all for naught, and the Danes closed out the map at 16-13.

The deciding map of the series was the ever-present Mirage and had ENCE getting off to a great start on the CT-side. “Maden” who had been locked in all series was still dominating, and now his teammate “hades” had joined him in his quest to eradicate the Danes. Throughout the first fifteen rounds, their quest was exceptionally successful as they led by 13-2 at the break.
Heroic took three rounds out of the break, but that was all they were able to take before everything was said and done. ENCE won Mirage 16-5 and are headed to the Grand Final.

Highlight of the Bo3-series:

ENCE - Heroic 2-1 | BLAST Premier Spring Showdown 2022 Europe

16-9 (Ancient) | Maden - 1.47 Rating / 26-20 K-D / 112.8 ADR

13-16 (Overpass) | stavn - 1.35 Rating / 26-19 K-D / 91.7 ADR

16-5 (Mirage) | hades - 1.83 Rating / 23-8 K-D / 108.9 ADR

MVP: Pavle "Maden" Bošković - 1.45 Rating / 75-52 K-D / 102.7 ADR

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