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Liquid survives shock start on Inferno and win against IHC

Things were looking grim for Liquid, but EliGE and NAF bounced back for the NA team.

IHC has been the big upset team at IEM Katowice. At the Play-in stage the Mongolians wiped out all Brazilian hope taking down both paiN and FURIA. Today they came close to continuing their American vendetta against Team Liquid.

On Inferno, IHC started out brilliantly and quickly established a firm lead. At 9-1, the commentators were left in disbelief. But then the impressive T side from IHC got dismantled. Team Liquid used several of their tactical pauses to get themselves back on the right track. EliGE and NAF stepped up and helped Liquid back in the match only trailing 6-9 at the break.

Unfortunately for IHC, their impressive start to the match did not last. Liquid won Inferno after a good T side, and on Overpass it was one-way traffic on the scoreboard. Here Liquid demonstrated that they were much more comfortable on the map. Again EliGE and NAF stole the show with above 100 ADR each on the map. Liquid won 16-6 and is now ready to face NAVI tomorrow in the upper bracket.

IHC drops down to the lower bracket where another tough opponent awaits in Cloud9.

Liquid - IHC 2-0 | IEM Katowice

MVP: Keith 'NAF' Markovic - 1.65 rating / 52-22 K-D / 98.5 ADR

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