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Liquid still alive in BLAST after amazing comeback

The European comeback ended in a huge victory for Team Liquid after a major turn around on Vertigo.

In the Round of 16 at BLAST Premier Fall Showdown, the Danes started boldly by picking Overpass as their map pick. A map where Team Liquid holds a 100 % win-rate in the last three months.

It started with a breathtaking pace from Team Liquid, who looked like a team that was more than ready to compete with the Danish roster of MAD Lions. Grim took down four opponents in the pistol round and helped his team to a quick 5-0 lead.

On Mad Lions CT-side the game became much more even. From being 5-10 down the Danes equalized at 12-12. Frederik “acoR” Gyldstrand was instrumental with his AWP.

And suddenly the faces of the Liquid-players were pale. The promising start to their European adventure died in the hands of "acoR" and the rest of the MAD Lions on Overpass losing 16-12.

The game continued on Mirage. The two teams countered each other well, which gave an entertaining matchup. The two teams traded kills and rounds and were even all the way up until 13-13.

Again acoR was playing excellently for MAD Lions, but "EliGe" also started to heat up. The American landed 24 kills during Mirage.

Liquid made the strongest finish and was able to beat Mad Lions 16-14.

On Vertigo, Liquid never stood a chance on their T-side. The whole Danish team went havoc on their American opponents. All of the Danes produced amazing numbers in ADR and Utility Damage. There was simply no way, that Liquid was able to break through the defense of MAD Lions. The first half ended with 12-3!

And then it was over, right? Nope. The Americans fought back. Showing incredible morale, Team Liquid made it all the way back to 12-12. A stunned Danish team was left with a devasting economy, and could not manage to find more than one round victory on their T-side. Team Liquid won 16-13 after a three and half hour-long battle.

Team Liquid will face MIBR in the next round.

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