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Liquid secure playoffs spot over Astralis

Liquid sends the Danes out of EPL S17.

Liquid took upon Astralis in the Group D upper bracket final. The winner advances to the quarter-finals, and the losing team goes to playoffs round 2.

What started out as a close affair ended in total domination for the North American roster. Stating the series off on Nuke, Both teams walked into the break with a decent half in mind. Seven rounds on the T sides from Astralis is what many will call a great start to the map. However, on the CT side, Astralis couldn't keep their defense up as they got demolished by the Liquid offense who closed out the map winning the second half 8-1. Liquid won Nuke 16-8.

Up next, Mirage. Once again were Astralis the team to come out pressing the speeder. The Danes establish an impressive 7-0 lead on the CT side. Liquid bounced back towards the end to close out the half behind 10-5. Switching sides, Astralis took the second pistol round of the game and saw themselves go up 11-5. With the odds in their favor, Astralis looked to take the series into a third. But, once again, Liquid started to put rounds on the board. The North American roster dominated Astralis as they closed out the map winning 11 out of 13 rounds. Liquid won the map 16-12 and the series 2-0.

Liquid - Astralis 2-0 | ESL Pro League Season 17

MVP: EliGE - 1.27 rating / 42-31 K-D / 82.2 ADR

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