Liquid defeat Vitality to secure semi-final spot

The North American team got their revenge over the Danish-majority roster.

Liquid took on Team Vitality for a spot in the IEM Katowice 2023 semi-finals.

Starting off on Overpass Vitality came out dominating Team Liquid on the North American´s map pick. After 12 rounds of play, the Danish-majority roster stood tall with an insane 12-0 lead. Liquid only got themselves two rounds in end to stop the 15-0 from happening. However, the biggest comeback in IEM Katowice history was on the schedule as Liquid managed to come out and dominate Vitality to give them their own medicine. Behind 15-7, Liquid made the impossible possible as they came back from being down 13-2 and 15-7. The North American team took the last eight out of eight possible to take us into overtime. Team Liquid completed the comeback as they took map one 19-17.

Moving on to NUKE, Vitality came out on their comfort map. A map that the mixed European roster has been playing well on since the new season. Vitality started off by playing an all-around great T side where their star player ZywOo got set up perfectly to succeed. With 27 kills / 13 death / 5 assists, Liquid stood no chance against the world-class player in ZywOo who just had one of those games. Vitality took map two 16-7.

Next up, Mirage. Both teams fought their absolute best to stay alive in the hall of heroes. But with Liquid securing a 9-6 half on the T side, Vitality had to climb a huge wall if they wanted to succeed and move on in the tournament. Despite things getting close at 10-9 Liquid was the better team in the end. The North American team got their revenge and a spot in the semi-final at IEM Katowice 2023.

Liquid - Vitality 2-1 | IEM Katowice Quarter-Final

Overpass: Jonathan 'EliGE' Jablonowski - 1.37 rating / 35-25 K-D / 103.4 ADR

Nuke: Mathieu "ZywOo" Herbaut - 1.99 rating / 27-13 K-D / 130.2 ADR

Mirage: Keith "NAF" Markovic - 1.34 rating / 22-14 K-D / 86.6 ADR

MVP: Keith "NAF" Markovic - 1.14 rating / 59-53 K-D / 80.2 ADR

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