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karrigan on the IGL role: It’s hard to give credit where it’s due

Watch the second part of our interview with the Danish superstar where he gives his take on some aspects surrounding the in-game leader role.

Is the in-game leader role underappreciated in CS:GO? And is it possible to be both the star player and the IGL in the current meta? And will there be a time where there are no IGLs in competitive Counter-Strike?

That was something we asked the legendary in-game leader Finn “karrigan” Andersen when we met the FaZe captain in Denmark last week. In an interview with us, karrigan talks about the IGL role and how it is to get recognition from the scene by winning IGL of the year in 2022.

You can watch the interview with karrigan in the video below.


0:00 Winning IGL of the year and getting recognition

1:47 What to look for to determine an IGL and his impact

2:37 A time without IGL’s?

3:26 Can an IGL be the star player as well?

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