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K0nfig: "I think that i am on the right track"

Thorin and K0nfig discuss his counter-strike career in an intimate interview.

In an interview with counter-strike expert Thorin, Kristian “K0nfig” Wienecke addresses the importance of “Hunden” in the danish counter-strike scene, his chance to join Astralis, his teammates over at Complexity, and much more.

When asked about his upbringing in the Danish counter-strike scene K0nfig points towards Nicolai “Hunden” Petersen as being one of the important factors. “I think Hunden helped me a lot. He took me in, and he taught me everything from the beginning. I had played in teams before, but not in big teams or at big tournaments. He took me into his team, under his wing, and showed me which way was the right way to play Counter-strike.”

K0nfig continues his praise of Hunden’s importance in the Danish counter-strike scene by explaining instrumental he has been in Heroic's development from underdogs to number one in the world.

Later in the interview, K0nfig reveals how close he was to joining Astralis, back when they sought to replace “Kjaerbye”. The main factor in Astralis’ decision-making was how troublesome the youngster K0nfig seemed to be. When asked about the process of being hunted by Astralis and ultimately turned down K0nfig explains: “I think that I made some bad decisions in my life, I am trying to fix it now, and I think I am on the right track.”

Even though K0nfig looks back at the situation wishing he had joined Astralis he explains: “It was a good choice that they didn’t pick me because I was a mess, but it is honestly sad. I wished I would have joined them back then, but I think it was for the better that I didn’t. I don’t think I would have made them a better team.”

When asked about his arrival at Complexity K0nfig explains how he and the in-game leader Benjamin “blameF” Bremer clicked almost instantly.

When asked about BlameF’s fragging capabilities as well as in-game leadership K0nfig says: “No one understands the work he puts in, no one really understands what he does for the team. He is up at 3-4 at night, waking up at 9 watching demos before we go to practice. He doesn’t just look for stuff for himself, he wants to make the entire team better.

In addition to the topics above, K0nfig and Thorin discuss trash talking, the early stages of his career as well as upcoming events. Watch the entire interview here:

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