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Credit: Jak Howard Blast

The Juggernauts ease past Sprout in crushing 2-0 victory

blameF and his troops crushed their German opponents in Blast Premier Fall Showdown.

Complexity starts their Blast Premier Fall Showdown campaign in convincing matter. Complexity secured the series through two dominant showings on Nuke (16-4) and Mirage (16-4), where the match at no time was out of their control.

The topfragger was once again Complexity IGL who led his troops by example by putting up a 1.85 rating, 41-16 k/d, 106.1 ADR scoreline. He had an immense impact on the first map of Nuke which has been a map where the Danish IGL has dominated in lately.

blameF last five ratings on Nuke (map score):

1.75 vs. Sprout (16-4)

2.21 vs. BIG (16-6)

0.86 vs. NAVI (10-16)

1.47 vs. FaZe (16-9)

1.37 vs. Vitality (14-16)

Watch blameF and his ace against Sprout.

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