Credit: StarLadder Igor Bezborodov

Highlight: "nexa" shuts down Gambit on Ancient with ACE

The IGL was left alone to defend the bombsite - he took down every opponent in his way

Aces are moments that make everyone appreciate just how skilled professional Counter-Strike players in fact are. When G2 faced Gambit in the semi-finals of IEM Summer 2021 the G2 In-game leader Nemanja "nexa" Isaković made it look easy as he took down the entire Gambit roster in a matter of seconds.

Despite ultimately loosing the series against Gambit, it is always a joy to follow G2 as they have some of the most talented individuals within the Counter-Strike scene. One of these individuals is, of course, "nexa". Left alone to defend the bombsite it seemed an impossible task to stay alive as the five Gambit players rushed him down. Beating the odds, "nexa" however, managed to take down every single Gambit player and win his team the round with a remarkable ACE.

Take a look at yesterdays ACE by "nexa" down below:

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