Highlight: broky is a quick-scope god!

The Latvian superstar proves why he is the primary AWP'er on FaZe

FaZe is a team with nothing but big names. From legends such as "olofmeister" and "rain" to the new superstars in "Twistzz" and "broky" they are packed with experience and talent. This, of course, means that many of the players within the FaZe roster are able to fulfill different roles. When it comes to the AWP, however, "broky" has slowly but surely proved he is the man for the job.

Whilst the Latvian young gun isn't known for his consistency he is definitely confident and able to hit some of the craziest shots. When playing against Team Spirit he proved his confidence and took down four opponents within a matter of seconds. Take a look at how "broky" singlehandedly won FaZe an entire round on Overpass:

The game between FaZe and Team Spirit is currently live - you can watch Bo3-series right here:

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