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Highlight: broky ACE against BIG

The Latvian superstar shows just how scary he can be

FaZe are currently in really great form and it seems as if "karrigan" has finally put together the right pieces in order for FaZe to become real contenders for the number one spot in the world. Known for their always star-studded roster, the current FaZe roster is no different. With nothing but big names on board, FaZe is a scary beast that when awakened can be problematic for even the toughest of opponents.

In addition to the clever and iconic players in "karrigan" and "rain", FaZe have some of the absolute best aimers and mechanically skilled players in "ropz" "Twistzz" and "broky" on the roster. Just the other day, "Twistzz" played an instrumental role for FaZe in the ongoing Roobet Cup 2022 event, posting an incredible performance as well as a clean ACE along the way.

Carrying on with their Roobet Cup 2022 run today, FaZe was tasked with the challenge of German BIG. Whilst they would ultimately have to see themselves bested against the German machine, another player stepped up to the plate and proved how he is also capable of winning rounds all by himself. The Latvian sniper "broky", this time wielding an AK-47, took down every single BIG player and won the round singlehandedly - take a look at yesterday's best highlight:

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