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Credit: Stephanie Lindgren - ESL

Highlight: Why Twistzz is the headshot king

The Candian headshot machine and his crazy ACE from yesterdays matches

The easiest way to take down an opponent in the game of CS:GO is by getting a headshot. Whilst this may seem simple enough it is, of course, very difficult to hit headshot on a regular basis, unless your name is Russel "Twistzz" Van Dulken. The Canadian rifler from FaZe has been known as one of the game's best aimers and most mechanically skilled players for years now.

Yesterday "Twistzz" put up a phenomenal performance against OG and reminded everybody just how dangerous he can be when switched on. The Canadian headshot machine accumulated an impressive rating of 1.60 in the two maps it took FaZe to take down OG. What is perhaps even more impressive was that he managed to get 0.57 headshots per round of play. That means that every other round a head was taken off an opponent's shoulders by the hand of "Twistzz".

When looking at the incredible ACE he managed to pull off in order to secure FaZe matchpoint in yesterday's brawl, you can understand why he is feared by anyone who dares come in his way. Four clean headshots ended the round with all five kills going the way of "Twistzz". Take a look at how easy getting headshots looks if you're "Twistzz".

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