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Heroic delivers against Complexity after drama on first map

Heroic moves on to the lower bracket quarter-final of the Flashpoint 3 after a great game against Complexity, where the first map became a drama.

The first map was on Mirage, where it was very even.

As expected after Complexity started as the CT side, they were leading after the first half 9-6, but with the same numbers, Heroic won the second half.

A very even match up till now where Heroic showed that they have an extra level to their game, as we came into overtime.

The Danish roster what everyone expected from them, as they dominated the overtime to make it 22-18.

And with the glimpse of class from Heroic in the overtime, we could see them win the next map easily as Complexity can’t come up on that level.  

And Heroic came out like lightning, as they kept their momentum from the overtime to win the first half on Nuke 9-6 as the T side, and this gave them a big advantage as they continued on the T side in the second half.

The T side offense bulldozed over Complexity in the second half, Heroic won the second half 7-2 as the T side secure themselves a victory against Complexity on 16-8, with a near-flawless performance by the Danish in-game leader cadiaN, which gave him the MVP of the match.

Complexity - Heroic (0-2) | Flashpoint 3

18-22 (Mirage) | blameF – 1.46 Rating / 39-26 K-D / 106.8 ADR

8-16 (Nuke) | cadiaN – 1.80 Rating / 25-11 K-D / 96.8 ADR


Casper “cadiaN” Møller – 1.38 Rating / 56-37 K-D / 85.1 ADR

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