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Heroic batter Complexity to secure the #1 spot at Group A

The Danish side conclude the group stage at ESL Pro League undefeated!

This Friday evening featured the important matchup between the two highest-placed teams from Group A, in Heroic vs Complexity. The teams battled each other, for not only the bragging rights for ending 1st but also for a spot at the favourable play-in stage.

The match included the thrilling brawl between two of the best IGL’s in the game in Heroic’s Casper “cadiaN” Møller against Benjamin “blameF” Bremer.

A contest, cadiaN mastered from the get going, as Heroic dominated Complexity on the first map on Mirage by presenting a 16-12 win. The 25-year old IGL ended the map with a stellar 31-13 K-D while averaging a likewise outstanding   1.79 Rating.

Complexity had their backs to the wall going into the second map, after losing their map pick on Mirage but also the fact that Train was next. A map, which stand as Complexity weakest map with the team only having 1-7 the last six months.

However, a bad map statistic doesn’t mean anything when the Danish Juggernaut Kristian “k0nfig” Wienecke shows up for his team. With his robotic aim and mechanical skill set, the lethal rifler led Complexity through to the decider, after handing Heroic a 16-10 win.

It was clear to see after the impressive on Train that Complexity had established a strong momentum. Something, blameF and company took advantage of on the last map by setting up a strong CT-defence in the first half.

The CoL dominance was abruptly shattered, as Heroic showed great character by coming back from an 8-13 scoreline to set up the striking 16-14 victory, which cemented their first place in the group.


Ismail “refrezh” Ali |1.22 Rating / 70-55 K-D / 85.8 ADR

Heroic - Complexity (2-1) | ESL Pro League Season 13

16-12 (Mirage) | cadiaN – 1.79 Rating / 31-13 K-D / 102.5 ADR

10-16 (Train) | k0nfig – 1.60 Rating / 28-16 K-D / 119.2 ADR

16-14 (Nuke) | refrezh – 1.57 Rating / 33-20 K-D / 106.5 ADR

Group A | ESL Pro League Season 13
1. Heroic | 15 Points / +38 Round difference – Playoff

2. Complexity | 9 Points / +22 Round difference - Playoff

3. FunPlus Phoenix | 9 Points / -10 Round difference - Playoff

4. OG | 6 Points / -4 Round difference – Eliminated

5. Renegades | 3 Points / -43 Round difference – Eliminated

6. BIG | 3 Points / -3 Round difference – Eliminated

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