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Heartbreak for sAw – Outsiders grabs the last Major spot after last second defuse

A devastating loss in the last round of Inferno will forever hunt the five sAw players, who came utterly close to writing history.

Group A at the European RMR campaign has been concluded with Outsiders as the last qualifier after a grueling match against sAw that went all three maps.

The Bo3 series was kicked off on Dust2 with the favorites from Outsiders being the ones picking the iconic map. Nonetheless, it was sAw who commenced the match the best as they quickly managed to set up a solid CT defense. sAw used the great start to gain momentum and post a potent 12-6 lead and thereafter also a 14-10. But there was one problem - they were playing against Dzami “Jame” Ali.

Slowly, round after round, Outsiders began to fight their way back as we have seen countless times in the past, closing the map 16-14 after a phenomenal comeback.

Ancient is one of sAw’s most picked maps, and the Portuguese side used the experience to completely annihilate Outsider’s offense, which lacked timing, precision, and firepower. sAw won Ancient 16-10 after a 10-1 victory in the second half.

Inferno was saved for the decider. The legendary map usually provides an exciting ending to a best of three match, which was also the case today. For sAw, this was the conclusion to their most important match in the history of the organization. It would be a monumental feat to secure qualification in the group of death at the European RMR event.

The Portuguese got off to a fine start on their CT winning 9-6. But it could have been so much better, with Outsiders winning five out of their six rounds after clutches! Jame was again the difference maker with three clutches won in the first half alone!

In the second half sAw kept on going, but then Outsiders did what they do best. Slowly the lead was minimized before the CIS team equalized the score at 14-14 before sending the match to overtime after another Jame clutch with a millisecond to spare! So close for the Portuguese who could have been the first Portuguese roster to qualify for a Major.

Instead, it was a huge disappointment for sAw who never really recovered from the loss to Jame. Outsiders did what they do best and grinded home the victory in overtime to qualify. What a match!

Outsiders – sAw 2-1 | PGL Antwerp Major Europe RMR A

16-14 (Dust2) | YEKINDAR – 1.31 Rating / 27-22 K-D / 103.6 ADR

10-16 (Ancient) | JUST – 1.59 Rating / 28-13 K-D / 88.2 ADR

19-16 (Inferno) | FL1T - 1.43 Rating / 34-24 K-D / 104.1 ADR

MVP: Evgeniy "FL1T" Lebedev - 1.29 Rating / 74-55 K-D / 88.0 ADR

Result of the Regional Major Ranking tournament in Bucharest with only the European Group B remaining:

Qualified for Legends stage:

FURIA - Heroic – BIG – FaZe – NAVI

Qualified for Challengers stage:

Complexity – IHC – Renegades – Liquid – 9z – MIBR – Imperial Vitality – Eternal Fire – forZe – Outsiders

Eliminated teams from EU RMR Group A:

MOUZ – OG – Dignitas – Fnatic – Unique – GamerLegion – QUAZAR – sAw

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