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Grim: If we keep falling through, something might have to happen

Things are not looking good for Complexity. We talked with "Grim" after their defeat at IEM Cologne Play-In

North-American CS:GO isn't what it used to be when Team Liquid was once a shining beacon of hope. Complexity, a roster that many thought could be the return of a great North-American CS:GO roster to the scene, is failing to provide the desired results.

Having just lost their opening Bo1-series against Team Spirit, we talked with former Team Liquid member "Grim" about the defeat and how Complexity is going through a rough patch in recent times. When asked about their performance as of late, the Complexity member answered the following:

It is obviously pretty disspointing, losing a lot, we are just trying to get our first win on the board and right now it is honestly pretty har because at this point there is pressure to win, because obviously we have not won in forever, so it is kind of hard. We are all just trying to do our best and play through it so that hopefully we can get a win eventually."

To hear more from the defeated "Grim", you can watch our exclusive talk with him backstage at IEM Cologne down below:

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