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G2’s long trophy drought: Haven’t won a title in almost three years

The trophy cabinet of G2 hasn’t expanded yet…

The last time G2 won a title was back in December 2019 when they secured a 2-0 scoreline over Spirit at the Champions Cup Finals. Now, that seems to be a life-time ago for the giant esports organization, who at the time of the Champions Cup Finals title victory was starred by the legendary AWPer Kenny “kennyS” Schrub.

It’s not because G2 haven’t had their chances to win a tournament. They have been in quite a few grand finals, most notably two against NAVI and one against FaZe, who all ended up with losses.

IEM Katowice 2022

G2 vs. FaZe | 0-3

PGL Major Stockholm 2021

G2 vs. NAVI | 0-2

IEM Cologne 2021

G2 vs. NAVI | 0-3

The G2 roster also failed to qualify for the Rio Major, which was one of the biggest surprises in recent memory. NiKo and company got eliminated by a completely new former GamerLegion, who took them out after three hectic maps.

G2’s next chance to stop their long trophy drought will be at the BLAST Premier Fall Final 2022, where a whopping $425.000 will be up for grabs. The star-studded team has a lot of time to prepare for the event, and will hopefully make some unpredictable changes in their way of approaching the game.

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