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G2 qualifies for IEM Summer

The last spot for IEM Summer went to G2 after a convincing win against mousesports.

G2 repeated their victory in the opening round at the closed qualifier for IEM Summer with another win against mousesports.

The victory was established on Nuke. It was actually mousesports who started best, but the gas quickly went out of the international roster, who were playing their third bo3 match of the day. G2 won the map 16-8 after a great performance from Nikola 'NiKo' Kovač.

Having lost their map pick, it looked like a very tough task for mousesports to recover. G2 chose Dust2 as the next battleground despite losing the map last time against mousesports, but this time around the French/Balkan roster was on point.

A good first half gave them a three-round lead, which mousesports never really recovered from. It ended 16-9 in favor of G2, who looks better and better, and will now have the chance to show themselves on the big stage at IEM Summer.

mousesports - G2 (0-2) |IEM Summer

8-16 (Nuke) |  NiKo - 1.56 Rating / 106.0 ADR / 22-15 K-D

10-16 (Dust2)|  huNter- 1.47 Rating / 90.9 ADR / 23-14 K-D

MVP:  Nikola 'NiKo' Kovač - 1.32 Rating / 91.3 ADR / 38-31 K-D

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