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G2 owner after Major elimination: We f*cking suck

Does the disappointing Major exit call for changes within the G2 roster?

The star-studded G2 roster, led by Nikola “NiKo” Kovac, will not be present at the playoff stage at PGL Major Antwerp after losing 2-1 against FURIA yesterday. Something, that clearly not suited the charismatic G2 owner Carlos "ocelote" Rodríguez Santiago, who went on Twitter to express his feelings right after the loss.

- Honestly, I don't wanna hear that we got unlucky with seeding or anything like that. We fucking suck and FURIA are straight up the better team. [It] sucks but we take it in the balls and move on. Tomorrow is a new day and we'll figure it all out, Rodríguez wrote on Twitter.

Looking at the current G2 roster on paper, it’s one of the most star-studded and skillful squads in CS:GO featuring the likes of hunter, NiKo, and m0NESY - all playing under the leadership of former Major finalist Aleksib.

And with G2 reaching the Grand Final at PGL Major Stockholm last year, the expectations and hopes surely were higher than an exit from the Legends Stage this time around.

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