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FURIA through to playoffs, G2 eliminated

FURIA's CT side Ancient was too dominant!

It was a playoffs-or-elimination match when FURIA and G2 took to the server. When the two last met at IEM Katowice, G2 took a narrow three-map victory.

FURIA started great on the T side of their pick, Vertigo. The Brazilians went up 6-2 and it looked as though they would dominate the first half. Unfortunately for the South Americans, a man called "huNter-" had other plans. The Bosnian led his team back in contention, and to an 8-7 halftime lead.
The G2 squad did not find the same success on the T side as "arT" was relentlessly bullying them around Ramp. Add to this the fact that "yuurih" had an incredible game and you have got a FURIA win.

Moving onto G2's pick of Inferno, it was the unlikely duo of "JaCkz" and "arT" that shone for their respective teams in the first half. As close as can be at 8-7 at halftime these two entry-fraggers both had an ADR of over 100.
The second half continued in the same close fashion and went the full thirty rounds. "KSCERATO" almost pulled out a 1v4 in the dying stages of the map, but "JaCkz" took him down and secured their map pick.

FURIA had a good start to the T side of Ancient which was the last map of the series. The Brazilian squad went up 4-3 but the rest of the half belonged to the Europeans who ended the half on a 7-1 streak.
The second half started with four straight rounds of force-buy wars. All of the rounds were extremely close, but "arT" and co. ended out on top, and drove it home from there with a ten-round winstreak.

G2's Major dreams are over as they get knocked out and see FURIA advance to the quarter-finals.

Highlight of the Bo3-series:

G2 - FURIA 1-2 | PGL Major Antwerp Legends Stage

12-16 (Vertigo) | yuurih - 1.61 Rating / 26-14 K-D / 110.0 ADR

16-14 (Inferno) | NiKo - 1.50 Rating / 27-19 K-D / 97.9 ADR

11-16 (Ancient) | KSCERATO - 1.47 Rating / 23-13 K-D / 88.0 ADR

MVP: Ilya "m0NESY" Osipov - 1.16 Rating / 60-51 K-D / 75.9 ADR

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